While walking down a street in my hometown, many of my childhood friends’ homes are either open lots or boarded up.  The change of the neighborhood does not stop at physical structures, but includes race, age, a community's identity, expectations and relationships.  At the end of my walk down memory lane, I realized that the neighborhood where I grew up no longer exists.  New stories lay atop mine.  

Obviously, this is nothing new or special in and of itself.  I accept my insider/outsider perspective created by my relationship to a place that exists more temporaneously than physically and people gone or far away.  However, my questions and thoughts in creating these photo-based prints are :  what are these new stories alive and here now?  Who is telling these new stories?  To what extent do they differ from mine?  Does anything remain from years ago and resonates with what now exists?  Or, are stories and experiences parallel to the point where one longtime resident said, “I feel like a stranger in my own neighborhood."

Anissa R. Lewis
art + social engagement + empowered places/spaces

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